Sudarsan Pattnaik – Sand Artist Biography and Photos

Sudarsan Pattnaik Odia Sand Artist Biography

    Sudarsan Pattnaik Odia Sand Artist Biography

    Sudarsan Pattnaik is a partner degree Indian Sand imaginative individual. he’s the essential Indian Sand inventive individual and he has not taken in it from anybody. He began chiseling pictures on sand since the age of seven. 

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    He has planned many sand models. inside ongoing years, people have begun having some expertise in this assortment. He has won a few public and global honors for his innovative styles and has recorded his name inside the World records for chiseling the tallest supporter holy person and most benefactor holy person picture planned on the sand at Odisha, India. 

    Sudarsan Pattnaik Childhood: 

    Since adolescence, Indian model inventive individual Sudarsan Pattnaik has consistently appreciated getting a charge out of inside the sand. As he developed more established, he understood that this intrigue may convert into an innovative profession. 

    Presently, the inventive individual has built up the Sudarsan Sand Art Institute in order to build up his exchange and to pass on his information of sand form, sand movement, and picture to understudies from wherever the planet. Sudarsan Pattnaik was joined by an individual from the touristry consultatory board as of now as of late made by the touristry Minister of Asian country K.Chiranjeevi.


    Sudarsan Pattnaik Odia Sand Artist Biography

    Sudarsan Pattnaik Career Details:

    Born: 15 April 1977 (age 40)

    Puri, Odisha, India

    Occupation: Sand artist

    Awards: Padma Shri (2014)

    Sudarsan Pattnaik Awards:

    • 1998 UNITED KINGDOM Exhibited during the world travel market held at Early Court, London in November 1998 with support of Govt. of India Tourist Office, London.
    • 1999 UNITED KINGDOM Exhibited during the world cup Cricket 99 held at EDGBASTON
    • 2000 FRANCE World Sand Sculpturing Championship.
    • 2000 CHINA International Sand Sculpturing Championship.
    • 2000 UNITED KINGDOM International Sand Sculpturing Festival at Glassgow.
    • 2001 SINGAPORE Participated in Sentosa Sandstation 3 June 2001, “Splendours of Golden Asia”
    • 2001 DENMARK International Sand Sculpture festival 2001 Blokhus on 25 June 2001.
    • 2001 ITALY 3rd prize in world’s master Sand Sculpturing championship.
    • 2002 NETHERLANDS Singles International Sand Sculpturing competition at SCHEVENINGEN on 6 May 2002.
    • 2002 JAPAN Champions medal in “29th International Snow Statue Contest 2002” at SAPPORO JAPAN.
    • 2002 Belgium Sand Sculpture Festival BLANKENBERGE.
    • 2002 NETHERLANDS The Dutch Sand Sculpture Festival Thorn 2002-03 at Holland in July.
    • 2002 CHINA The First China Ningxia Sand Lake International Sand Sculpture event.
    • 2003 CHINA The 3rd Luilang colour Sand Festival Demonstration Prize at china 2003.
    • 2003 SPAIN 2nd Prize in International Sand Sculpture Championship at Valadoli, Spain.
    • 2003 GERMANY 3rd Prize at Berlin International Sand Sculpture Championship.
    • 2003 CHINA 4th Prize at China International Sand Sculpture competition.
    • 2004 UAE Sand Sculpture Demonstration at Muscat Festival 2004 at Oman.
    • 2004 GERMANY Participated at Sand World Festival at Travemunda.
    • 2004 GERMANY Public Prize at 2nd Berlin Sand Station Competition.
    • 2004 AUSTRALIA Participated at Sand Sculpting at Melbourne.
    • 2005 USA Participated in Houston International Festival at Houston Texas. TAJ MAHAL recreated in Sand.
    • 2005 Germany 1st Prize at3rd Berlin International Sand Sculpture competition.
    • 2006 CANADA Representing India on Tournament of World Championship of Sand Sculpture
    • 2006 Doha Demonstrating on 15th Asian Game Doha, Qatar.
    • 2007 JAPAN Represented India at 34th Sapporo Snow Sculpture Festival.
    • 2007 UAE Demonstrating Sand Sculpture at the International Student conference 2007 at Abu Dhabi.
    • 2007 MALAYSIA Representing India in 1st International Sand Sculpture Festival.
    • 2007 TURKEY Representing India at 1st Instansbul International Sand Sculpture Festival.
    • 2007 Berlin 5th Public Prize at Berlin Representing India in 1st International Sand Sculpture Festival.
    • 2007 RUHR 1st Audience prize at Representing India in 1st International Sand Sculpture Festival.
    • 2008 JAPAN Represented India in Tottori Sand Museum.
    • 2008 MOSCOW Won people choice prize at 1st International Sand Sculpture Festival.
    • 2008 Berlin Won 1st Prize at USF World Championship 2008, Berlin. And got the title of World Champion.
    • 2009 JAPAN Participated in World Sand Art Festival.
    • 2009 MOSCOW Won Special Prize at world Sand Sculpture Championship 2009, by Russian Government.
    • 2009 South Africa Won Korea Sand sculpture award 2009 at 4th Haeundae Sand Festival at Busan.
    • 2009 Berlin Won People Choice prize at 2nd USF World Championship 2008, Berlin Germany.