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What is Airplane Mode/ Flight Mode in Odia
What is Airplane Mode/ Flight Mode in Odia

Hello, friends In this post of today we will give you all information related to Airplane Mode, whether it is and why it is used. So friends, if you want to get all the information related to Airplane Mode, then read our post full till the end. By the way, you have heard about Airplane Mode, sometimes or somewhere. Because it is present in most Devices like – Smartphones, Cellphone, Laptops, etc.

Usually, most people do not know about Airplane mode and for that reason we have brought this post for you today. So that you can get all the information related to Airplane mode and you can use it well. If you’ve ever traveled on an airplane, you must have heard this announcement before making an aircraft takeoff – “Please put your mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. on” Flight Mode “or turn it off.

But have you ever thought that why such a thing is said to you? If not, then read our post till the end.

What is Airplane Mode/ Flight Mode

Friends Airplane mode is also known as Flight Mode. This mode is given in all the devices that have Network Signals. Usually you can view this mode in your Mobile, Laptop, Tablet etc. Turning Airplane Mode on any of your devices, all its Network Signals disappear.

But this does not mean that you can not do any other work on your device. Take the phone for example, in which you can also enjoy WiFi, Music, Videos etc. on Flight Mode On. If asked in simple words, Airplane Mode is given to close the Signals of your device.

Now the question here is coming in your mind that why is it used during the journey? So let’s know friends also why do they use it during travel in flight?

Why Airplane Mode is Used –

The way in which friends use hoardings and boards are used to tell the right paths and kilometers to run on the ground. In the same way, Radio Signals, Radar, etc. are used to tell the right airways and kilometers to air in the same way.

So that the plane can easily find the place where he wants to go. Instructions are also sent by Air Traffic Control to tell the right path to the aircraft. At the same time, the plane has to depend on its electronic system.

All these signals are sent to the aircraft in a Frequency System. But Network Signals present in Mobile, Tablet, etc. stop this Frequency on the way. Because of which mobile, tablet, etc. are said to be put on Airplane Mode.

Friends, you may have noticed that whenever a phone call comes with a speaker, we have a strange sound. So you can guess that why Airplane Mode is given in Devices with all the Network Signals.

Smartphones में Airplane Mode को ऐसे करें ON –

In all smartphones, the way to turn on Flight Mode varies, but in all it is available within the Option Settings. Usually, on any phone, we have to go to Settings to switch on Flight Mode.
what is airplane mode and what does it do
In addition to friends in some Smart Phones, you can also turn Airplane Mode on or off through the Notification Bar. You can easily see Airplane Mode Button in the photo below –
what is airplane mode

By pressing this Aeroplane Button you can easily turn on or off Flight Mode in your mobile. During the flight, on the flight mode On, the network of mobile is completely closed.