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Odia Actress/Heroine Priya Choudhury Biography Lifestyles

    Odia Actress/Heroine Priya Choudhury Biography Lifestyles 

    Priyadarshini Choudhury prominently known as Priya is a forthcoming entertainer of the Oriya Cinema. She has all that a victor requires. A considerable measure of ability, an alluring face, and a stunning figure. An ideal mix of magnificence and ability, her basic purpose for existing is to be a news-peruser in NDTV and open a playschool. 

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    The little girl of a state government official, Priya made a section into the Ollywood by stowing the lead part in the super hit Oriya Cinema Dream Girl. So far she has secured the Sangeeta Suravi, Mitatia Geetatia, and Apanaka Pasanda program for ETV Oriya other than Hip Hure and Political Circus for OTV and furthermore tied down “Subha Sakal” with Pupindar in DD Oriya Channel. 

    She has additionally moored programs in All India Radio. Exchange is continuing for a bilingual (Bengali-Oriya) highlight film, said the 20-year-old entertainer. Priya gives all kudos for progress to her folks who gave extraordinary help in seeking after her advantage. 

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    Priya Choudhury Film Careers: 

    She radiates certainty that she would one day unquestionably become famous in the realm of Oriya Cinema.” I love to depict the sentimental scene,” she says. Priya was acted in the Super Hit Oriya film “Aalo Mo Kandhei” and “Dil Tote Deichi” and she is acting in the film “Megha Sabarire Ashiba Pheri” and next film is “Baliraja” with co-star chocolate kid “Sabyasachi”. 

    Odia Actress/Heroine Priya Choudhury Biography Lifestyles

    She is an unadulterated and immaculate entertainer. Remarking on the decaying nature of the Oriya film, Priya is of the assessment that we are removing ourselves from the real world, which gives an awful sign. A total veggie-lover, Priya cherishes perusing Shakesphere’s books, wear kurta-pajama, and have candlelight supper.

    Priya Choudhury  Biodata:

    • Name: Priyadarshini Choudhury
    • Also Known As Priya Choudhury
    • Birth Place: Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    • Film Career:2008-Present
    • Profession: Actress

    Priya Choudhury FilmLists:

    • Rajanandini
    • Dosti
    • Kalinga Putra
    • Chandini I Miss You(upcoming)
    • 2011:  Baisi Pahache Kheliba Mina, Hero
    • 2010: Megha Sabarire Asiba Pheri,Dil Tate Deichi, Alo Mora Kandhei