Odia Actress Tandra Ray biography, Lifestyles, Height, Weight Wallpapers

Odia Actress Tandra Ray biography

    Odia Actress Tandra Ray biography

    Tandra Ray is a famous Odia entertainer. She has worked in Oriya films during the ’80s and ’90s. Her profession as an Oriya entertainer began in the year 1977. She has worked uniquely in the Odia creation films.

    Her first film was “Chilika Tire” inverse to Bijay Mohanty, which united notoriety and ubiquity to Tandra Ray. Her acting vocation has been long. 

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    Tandra has worked in around 54 movies in her vocation. She got an evaluation for her work in motion pictures like Chilikak Teerey in the year 1977, Panjur Bhitare Sari in 1992, and Vasudha in the year 1996. 

    These were not many of the most well-known motion pictures that took her profession to more noteworthy statures. Her ongoing motion pictures delivered in the year 2013. 

    Odia Actress Tandra Ray Careers:

    The main movie was Bachelor, coordinated by Sudhakar Basanta and composed by Bapu Goswami; another was Daha Balunga. It was an activity, show, and sentimental film coordinated under the direction of Sudhakar Basanta and scripted by Bapu Goswami. 

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    Hata Dhari Chalutha was an Odia Drama coordinated by Himanshu Parijaand. Also, Mu Aashiq Mu Awara was a sentimental movie – the chief was S. K. Muralidharan and the author was Deepak. 

    She has been an incredible craftsman. She made progress in her vocation and evaluation from her fans, crowd, and the pundits. As of late, she has shown up in an Odia TV show with her significant other, Bijoy Mohanty. The two of them got a solicitation to the fifth scene of the show named Utah Jaga Odisha, in Tarang TV, to introduce their perspectives about having a joint family. 

    The couple additionally showed up on OdishaLive, the principal web channel of Odisha, in October 2012. Being the most experienced individual and craftsman of the Oriya Film Industry, the couple was mentioned to give a meeting and talk about their experience and skill in the Academy for Media Learning.

    Odia Actress Tandra Ray biography

    Odia Actress Tandra Ray Personal Details:

    • Star Name: Tandra Ray
    • Living City: Bhubaneswar
    • Religion: Hindu
    • Spouse(s) – Bijay Mohanty
    • Occupation – Acting
    • Film Career – 1977-present

    Odia Actress Tandra Ray Marriage:

    Tandra got married to Bijay Mohanty. Bijay Mohanty was her co-actor in her first film and they have done many movies together.

    Tandra Ray Film Lists:

    • 2013 Bachelor 
    • Hata Dhari Chalutha
    • Daha Balunga
    • 2012 Jagu Autobala
    • 2011 Katak-The silver city
    • 2010 Sasura Ghara Zindabad
    • Dil Tate Deichi
    • Subha Vivaha
    • 2009 Lve Dot Com
    • 2007 Lal Tuku Tuku Sadhaba Bahu 
    • Mahanayak
    • Mu Tate Love Karuchi

    • 2005 I Love You
    • Sakhi Rahila Ae Singha Duara
    • 2001 Dharma Debata
    • 2000 Babu Parsuram
    • 1999 Jai Sriram
    • 1998 Sahara Jaluchi
    • 1997 Raghu Arakhita
    • Ram Laxman
    • 1996 Vasudha
    • 1994 Bhai Hela Bhagari
    • 1993 Bhagya Hate Dori
    • Mo Bhai Jaga
    • 1992 Panjuri Bhitare Sari
    • Ghara Mora Swarga
    • 1991 Kotia Manish Gotiye Jaga
    • Aama Ghara Aama Sansara
    • 1990 Ama Ghara
    • Maa Mate Shakti De
    • 1989 Topaye Sindura Dipata Shankha
    • Sagar
    • Mamata Ra Dori
    • 1988 Pua Mora Kala Thakura
    • Papa Punya
    • 1987 Micha Mayara Sansar
    • 1986 Sansara, Manika, Ei Aama Sansar
    • 1985 Para Jhia Ghara Bhangena
    • Sata Kebe Luchi Rahena
    • Palataka
    • Nala Damayanti
    • Mamata Mage Mula
    • 1982 Basanti Apa
    • 1981 Arati
    • 1980 Alibha Daga
    • Ram Balram
    • 1979 Sautuni
    • 1978 Pipasha
    • Pati Patni
    • Samarpana
    • 1977 Chilika Teerey

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