Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021: Apply Online, Eligibility, Benefits & Form

Assam orunodoi scheme | assam orunodoi scheme 2020 application form | assam orunodoi scheme 2020 application form pdf | assam arunodoi scheme 2020 details | orunodoi scheme assam 2020 form | Eligibility, Benefits

Assam orunodoi scheme | assam orunodoi scheme 2020 application form | Assam orunodoi scheme 2020 application form pdf | assam arunodoi scheme 2020 details | orunodoi scheme assam 2020 form | Eligibility, Benefits

    Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021

    In this article today, we will share with all of our readers the new information about the Assam Orunodoi scheme which has been launched by the government of Assam recently for the year 2021. There are details about the application procedure, eligibility criteria, benefits of the scheme, objectives of the scheme, and also most importantly how the scheme will be implemented to save the rights of the residents of Assam. In this article, we have shared each and every detail regarding the scheme for your information.

    Orunodoi Scheme 2021

    The Assam state government is good to go to with Orunodoi Scheme from October 2, 2020, with a mean to give money related help to around 17 lakh families in the state. According to the Finance Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, under the plan a measure of Rs. 830 every month will be given to the qualified 17 lakh families to purchase the fundamental things of food. Orunodoi plan will be the biggest Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme of Assam which will profit 15 to 17 thousand families for every Assembly voting demographic. The determination of recipients to begin from August 17, 2020. They will get the sum on the main day of consistently, beginning from October 2020.

    My humble request that the benefits of #Orunodoi should reach those who deserve it the most. We should all strive hard toward this goal. We all owe this to the deserving beneficiaries. I shall be grateful.#AssamCares

    — Himanta Biswa Sarma (@himantabiswa) September 6, 2020

    Objective Of Assam Orunodoi Scheme

    The main objective of the Assam Orunodoi scheme will be the implementation of various services in the Assam state. There will be different types of benefits that will be provided to the beneficiaries of the Assam Orunodoi scheme. The main objective of the concerned authorities is to help all of the residents of Assam to lead a happy life without any financial trouble. As we all know that Assam is a small state and many of the people suffer from financial crisis there, this scheme will eliminate all those financial crises for the poor families.

    GoA has decided to provide Rs 830 per month each to 17 lakh families under the ambitious ‘Orunodoi’ Scheme. The selection of beneficiaries to start from August 17, 2020. They will receive the amount on the first day of every month, starting from October, 2020.#AssamAlwaysAhead

    — Himanta Biswa Sarma (@himantabiswa) August 12, 2020

    Details of Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021

    Name of Scheme: Assam Orunodoi Scheme
    Launched On: 2nd October 2020
    Amount: Rs 830/-
    Launched By: Government of Assam
    Category: Government Schemes
    Implemented By: Finance Department of Assam
    Beneficiary: Women
    Objective: To provide financial help to poor people
    Official Website: Click Here
    Application Mode: Offline

    Benefits Of Orunodoi Scheme

    There are many types of benefits which will provide to the beneficiaries in this scheme:-
    1. A measure of 2800 crore rupees is reserved for the Scheme under which every year 10 thousand rupees to be given to 27 lakh helpless families through DBT.
    2. The support is given by the government of Rs. 830 per month will mean an additional per annum income of Rs. 10,000 to the poor households.
    3. 25 lakh rupees will be given per school for 200-grade schools on the pilot reason for foundation improvement.
    4. The Assam government is to give free sterile napkins to young ladies in sixth to twelfth norms government and government-helped schools.
    5. The Assam government has additionally begun Sarba Brihat DBT Scheme from 17 August and the Beneficiary choice will begin from region level advisory group will begin.
    6. Just ladies will be the recipient of the plan to guarantee its appropriate use by the family.

    Subsidy Amount

    The beneficiaries will also be liable to the following subsidy amount on the different types of essential goods that they will buy from the shops:-
    Item:                                          Amount:
    Procure Medicines:                         400 rupees
    50% subsidy for 4 kg of pulses: 200 rupees
    50% subsidy for 4 kg of sugar: 80 rupees
    Fruits and vegetable:                150 rupees
    Total amount:                            830 rupees

    Eligible Beneficiaries

    The following people will get priority in the Assan Orunodoi scheme as per the official statement of the authorities:-
    1. Families with widows
    2. Unmarried women
    3. Families with a divyang member
    4. Families having a divorcee woman.
    5. Poor families not having a ration card for free rice will get the preference.
    6. Poor families with the National Food Security Scheme (NFSS) cards
    7. Families who own two or three-wheelers,  tractors under self-help groups can avail of the benefits.

    Not Eligible Beneficiary

    The following people will not be eligible for the scheme:-
    1. If any member of a family works under the government or PSUs, the family will not be entitled to get the benefits of the scheme.
    2. Families having 15 Bighas of land, four-wheeler, refrigerator, income above Rs. 2 lakh, own tractor are not eligible for the Orunodoi scheme.
    3. The family owning washing machine or AC
    4. If the household does not have any female members.
    5. Former and current Member Of Parliament/Member Of Legislative Assembly.
    6. Employees of Government
    7. Doctors
    8. Engineers
    9. Lawyers
    10. CA
    11. Architect
    12. Income taxpayer

    Assam Orunodoi Scheme Selection Procedure

    Under this scheme, the amount will transfer to the beneficiary women through direct bank transfer method. This amount will be transferred every year for the next five years. Under this scheme priority will be given to women who are disabled/ widow/ divorced/ unmarried/ separated or handicapped. The following procedure will be followed for selecting the beneficiaries under Assam orunodoi scheme:-
    1. First, the scheme will be launched on 2nd October 2020
    2. The district-level monitoring committee will prepare a list of the eligible beneficiary as per the guidelines
    3. An undertaking will check the list of the eligible condition and cross-check the list of beneficiaries made by the committee
    4. A district-level monitoring committee will be set up for selecting the candidates
    5. The district-level monitoring committee will finalise the list of the applicant submitted by the concerned authorities
    6. The detailed application form will be made to fill up by the eligible beneficiaries.
    7. The concerned authorities will also collect the bank details and other information of the beneficiaries
    8. After approval of the final list, the list will be uploaded to the portal
    9. After the cross-checking of all of the details of the beneficiaries money will be transferred to their bank account
    10. The beneficiary list will be reviewed after the end of each financial year to eliminate the errors.

    Priority Beneficiaries under Assam Orunodoi Scheme

    • Disabled/handicapped
    • Separated family member
    • Unmarried women
    • Divorced women
    • Widow women

    Application Procedure Of Orunodoi Scheme

    The applicant must be well aware of the application criteria and must apply for the scheme before the last date of registration-
    • The Applicant who wishes to apply for the Assam Orunodoi scheme firstly needs to visit at the official website.
    • Now at the home page of the official website, you will get the Application Form PDF Option
    • Download the Application Form and fill the Arunodoi Scheme application form with all the mandatory details.
    • Attach the required document with the application form and submit it to the respective department.
    Important Download: Official Notification PDF