Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das Biography in Odia | Gopabandhu Das Biography in Odia Language

Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das Biography in Odia

    Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das Biography in Odia | Gopabandhu Das Biography in Odia Language | gopabandhu das biography in Oriya

    Gopabandhu Das Biography in Odia

    Utkalamani Pundit Gopabandhu Das was an extraordinary political dissident and prominent social reformer of the province of Orissa. 

    Utkalamani Pundit Gopabandhu Das was conceived in a Brahmin family and proceeded to get one of the most revered people of the province of Orissa. He was conceived in a little town called Suando close to the stream Bhargabhi in the sacred area of Puri. Intellectual Gopabandhu Das was a decent understudy and subsequent to finishing his underlying instruction from the school in his town he passed his “Passageway” from the District School of Puri” in the year 1899. 

    For advanced education, he joined the Ravenshaw College in Cuttack, a rumored school with incredible instructive principles. He finished his Bachelors’s Degree in Arts from Ravenshaw College in 1904. He moved to Calcutta to seek a law degree from Calcutta University. He finished his Bachelor of Law degree from the Calcutta University in 1906. 

    Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das Personal Details

    Born9 October 1877
    Birth PlaceSuando, Puri district, Odisha, British India
    Died17 June 1928 (aged 50
    OccupationPoet, philosopher, social activist
    EducationPuri Zilla School, Ravenshaw College, Calcutta University
    Period20th century
    WorksBandira Atma Katha, Dharmapada

    Intellectual Gopabandhu Das landed his first position as an instructor in Nilagiri where subsequent to working for quite a while he relinquished his position to turn into a legal counselor. He turned into a legal advisor rehearsing and first in quite a while home region of Puri. Later he moved to High court in Cuttack and proceeded with his law practice. After that, for quite a while he was additionally named as a Government legal advisor in Mayurbhanj court.

    Gopabandhu Das Career Started

    Following a couple of long stretches of legitimate practice Pundit, Gopabandhu Das chose to stop the calling and begin to work for social government assistance. He emphatically accepted that training had an enormous task to carry out for the upliftment of the general public. In his central goal to work for a superior society and government assistance of the normal masses, he set up a school at a spot called Satyabadi in 1909. This exertion of Pundit Gopabandhu Das assumed a key part of improving the training of Orissa and aided in the government assistance of individuals. Because of the great reaction, he got from the individuals of Orissa the school he had built up was changed over into a secondary school following a year in 1910.

    Gopabandhu Das Education Details

    In the following scarcely any years Pundit Gopabandhu Das got colossal acknowledgment and gratefulness for his endeavors to improve training principles of the territory of Orissa. The school began by Pundit Gopabandhu Das got partnered to Calcutta University and an unexpected registration test was held in the time of 1914. The school got associated with another driving college of the nation, Patna University in the time of 1917. Because of the immense achievement of the school, it was changed over to a National School in the year 1921. The school must be tragically broken in 1927. It was restarted in the following hardly any years yet neglected to make a lot of progress.

    Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das Biography in Odia

    In the year 1902, Pundit Gopabandhu Das and a couple of others like Ananta Mishra, Godabarish Mishra, Krupasindhu, and others made a vow to give as long as they can remember for the upliftment of the province of Orissa and work for their social prosperity. They had concluded that subsequent to finishing their training they will carry out any responsibility but instead work energetically for the turn of events and government assistance of the individuals of the nation and particularly the province of Orissa. Savant Gopabandhu Das was an individual from the state gathering of Bihar and Orissa from 1917 to 1921. During his residency as an individual from the gathering, he was instrumental in the annihilation of destitution from the province of Orissa. He likewise worked a great deal to give essential help to flood casualty in the flood-hit areas of Orissa. 

    Gopabandhu Das with Mahatma Gandhiiji

    Savant Gopabandhu Das was exceptionally propelled by the goals of Mahatama Gandhi and gave his full help to Gandhiji in the opportunity battle for the nation. Savant Gopabandhu Das took dynamic cooperation in the opportunity battle and went to two congress meets, one at Lucknow in 1916 and the other at Calcutta in 1920. He drove from the front in the renowned “Asahajog Andolan” in 1920. Intellectual Gopabandhu Das began the week by week paper “Samaj” on fourth October 1919 which is today a main everyday paper of the province of Orissa. Before beginning “Samaj” he had begun a month to month magazine named “Satyabadi” in the year 1914. “Samaj” was distributed from Sakhigopal in its underlying days however later moved to Puri lastly to Cuttack, from where today is as yet distributed.

    About Utkal Samilani

    Savant Gopabandhu Das was an individual from Utkal Samilani from 1903 to 1921 for which he was chosen President in the time of 1919. Intellectual Gopabandhu Das was a genuinely flexible character. He was a prominent essayist and artist. A portion of his sonnets like “Mama Ra Kabita “, “Dharmapada”, “Bandi Ra Atma Katha” is a declaration of his obvious aptitudes of an incredible writer. Savant Gopabandhu Das had a hopeless family life. 

    He lost both of his folks in his youth days. Savant Gopabandhu Das who finished his instruction as a vagrant proceeded to lose his better half child and more youthful sibling when he was a youngster. Even after so numerous individual mishaps, we need to salute the soul of this incredible man to work with complete devotion to guarantee that destitute individuals of Orissa have a superior existence. He was an unquestionably a sparkling diamond for the province of Orissa and an extraordinary child of the state.

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    Who is gopabandhu Das father?

    Ans: Gopabandhu Das/Father Name is Shree Daitari Das

    Who is the father and mother of gopabandhu das?

    Ans: The mother’s name is: Swarnamayee Devi and the Father name are Shree Daitari Das.

    What is the date of birth of gopabandhu das?

    Ans: Gopabandhu Das/Date of birth: 9 October 1877

    Who gave title Utkalmani to gopabandhu?

    Ans: Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das is one of them. His lifestyle, mission, and vision and the sacrifices had justifiably decorated him as the ‘Jewel of Orissa’ (Utkal Mani). This title was given to him by Sri Prafulla Chandra Roy of the then Calcutta.