Tarang Parivaar Awards 2021: Check Award Categories & Broadcast Timings

Tarang Parivaar 2021 Award categories

The much-awaited ‘Tarang Parivaar Awards 2021’ is coming on January 31 at 6 PM on Tarang Channel and also gets live-streamed on TarangPlus App. If you will miss this “Tarang Parivaar Awards then repeat telecast can watch on February 7 next month at 6 PM.’

Tarang TV and the entire team were buzzing with enthusiasm at the grand event which is a token of appreciation and respect for their contribution to the Odia entertainment industry in the last year. Members of Tarang’s entire family come under the same roof to celebrate the annual awards ceremony, which has been held regularly since 2011.

Although the event took place some time ago, to ensure the convenience of the audience, a beautiful ceremony will be held on January 31 on the Tarang channel as well as the Tarangplus mobile app.

Ollywood actors Anu Choudhury and Debasish Patra anchored the Tarang Parivaar Awards 2021, while Seetal Patra, Suryamayee, and Saswat Joshi were the star performers at the event.

The choreography has been done by Girish, Bidu, Jaya Biswas, Javed, and Swati.

Best Editor: Amit (Nuabohu Serial)

Best Cameraman: Bijaya Sahoo (kuanri bohu)

Best Director: Mihir Swain (Nuabhou)

Best Comedy Artist Female: Ruma (Sindura ra Adhikara)

Best Comedy Artist Male: Jitu Mangaraj (kuanri bohu)

Best Husband: Bishnu (kuanri bohu)

Best Wife: Radhika (Nuabohu)

Best Father: Rupam (Tara Tarini)

Best Son: Nagesh (Maya)

Best Bohu: Pabitra (Sindura ra Adhikara)

Best Mother: Gargi (Maya)

Best Daughter: Baby Tarini (Tara Tarini)

Tarang Parivaar 2021 Award categories

” Priya Bapa, Priya Maa, Priya Pati, Priya Patni, Suna Pua, Suna Jhia, Suna Bohu, Srestha Hasya Abhineta, Srestha Hasya Abhinetri, Srestha Nayak, Srestha Nayika, Srestha Jodi, Srestha Khalanayak, Srestha Khalanayika, Srestha Nabagata, Srestha Nirdesak, Srestha Sanglap, Srestha Chitratwolan, Srestha Sampadana, Best ScreenPlay, Best Story, Best Writer, Tarang Parivaar Mahamuqabila Bijeta “.

Switch to Tarang TV or TarangPlus App on your Smartphone at 6 PM on January 31 and grace the fun, excitement and entertainment.