Legendary Man Biju Patnaik Biography in Odia: Death, Birth, Book, Family, Life History

Legendary Man Biju Patnaik Biography in Odia

Bijayananda Patnaik (born 5 March 1916 – died 17 April 1997), better known in India as Biju Patnaik. There have been many such leaders in Indian political history, who have made an appearance as an ideal leader by their image. One of such leaders was the former Chief Minister of Odisha and the quiet “hero” of Indian politics. Biju Patnaik.

    About Biju Patnaik

    Bijayananda Patnaik is known as Biju Patnaik. Apart from a politician, he was an aeronautical engineer, navigator, industrialist, freedom fighter, and pilot. Above all, he is known as an unprecedented personality. Napoleon was his inspiration and Biju followed in his footsteps. Biju Patnaik was adept at encouraging people and winning trust. 

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    He spoke effectively with the people and was able to convey his ideas properly to the public. He became a noted politician and social activist due to his strong will and sacrifice. He actively participated in the freedom struggle and became an ideal personality for the people of Orissa. 

    Biju Patnaik Personal Life

    Biju Patnaik was born on 5 March 1916 in Cuttack, Odisha. His father’s name was the late Lakshminarayan Patnaik and his mother’s name was Ashalata Devi. His father was a leading member of the Oriya movement and a well-known nationalist. He had two brothers and a sister. He completed his primary education at Mission Primary School and Mission Christ Collegiate Cuttack.

    In 1927 he went to Ravenshaw School, where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose also studied at one time. He was a talented player during his college days and led the university’s football, hockey, and athletics team. He was a sports champion for three consecutive years. He dropped out midway to train for pilots at Delhi Flying Club and Aeronautic Training Institute of India. 

    Since childhood, he was interested in flying airplanes. He thus became an eminent pilot and navigator. Biju Patnaik joined Indian National Airways and became a pilot. He was the head of the Air Transport Command during the 1940–42 struggle for independence.

    Biju Patnaik Book

    The biju patnaik book name- The Tall Man Biju Patnaik

    Biju Patnaik Personal Details:

    Name: (ବିଜୁ ପଟ୍ଟନାୟକ) Biju Pattnaik-The legendary Man

    Born On: 5th March 1916

    Born In: Cuttack, Orissa

    Died On: 17th April 1997

    Career: Politician and Social Activist

    Political party Janata Dal (1989–1997)

    Spouse(s): Gyan Patnaik

    Children: Prem Patnaik, Naveen Patnaik, Gita Mehta

    Profession: Aeronautical engineer, pilot, politician, security advisor to Jawaharlal Nehru, industrialist, diplomat

    Biju Patnaik Career

    Biju Patnaik was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. He participated in the Quit India Movement and also served a two-year prison sentence in 1943. He was accused of transporting freedom fighters to a secret location on his plane. When the Second World War began, he joined the Royal Indian Air Force. He also played an important role in Indonesia’s independence movement. 

    Under the guidance of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, he helped liberate the people of Indonesia from the clutches of the Dutch rulers. On 23 March 1947, Pandit Nehru also invited Biju Patnaik to participate in the first Inter Asia Conference of 22 Asian countries. Prime Minister of Indonesia Sultan Sajahir was also invited to this conference. 

    Pandit Nehru relied on Biju Patnaik, so he asked Prime Minister Sultan Sajahir to ensure his arrival safely and Biju Patnaik carried out his responsibility well. After this, his image became that of a hero among the people of Indonesia.

    In the year 1946, Biju was elected from the North Cuttack assembly constituency and reached the Vidhan Sabha. From 1961 to 1963 he served as the Chief Minister of Odisha.

    Biju Patnaik Contribution

    To encourage scientists from all over the world, he founded the Kalinga Foundation Trust in 1952 and initiated the Kalinga Prize, which is awarded by UNESCO for outstanding work in the field of science. In addition, he made a major contribution to the construction of the Paradip Port.

    Biju Patnaik Awards and Accolades

    The government of Indonesia honored him with the highest civilian honor, the “Bhoomiputra”. The award was given for his bravery and courageous work. In 1996, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, he was awarded the highest national award ‘Bintang Jasu Utama’.

    Biju Patnaik Death

    Biju Patnaik died on 17 April 1997 due to heart and respiratory illness.

    Biju Patnaik Life events

    1916: Born in Cuttack

    1927: Studied at Ravenshaw College

    1940-42: Served as Chief of Air Transport Command

    1941: Liberated British citizens after Japan occupied Myanmar

    1943: Jailed during Quit India Movement

    1946: Elected to the Orissa Legislative Assembly

    1952: Kalinga Foundation Trust established

    1961-63: Chief Minister of Odisha

    1975: Jailed in emergency

    1977: Exempted from jail and elected Member of Parliament

    1977-79: Became Minister of Steel and Mining at the Center

    1980: Became a member of the Lok Sabha

    1990-95: Chief Minister of Odisha

    1996: Re-elected to Lok Sabha

    1997: Died due to heart and respiratory disease

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