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international workers day 2021

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International Labour Day / International Work Day Day / May Day is celebrated every year all over the world on 1 May. That is why this day is also known as May Day.

    Importance of International Labour Day 2021

    In India also, the day of International Workers’ Day is celebrated with great pomp and also in some countries like Europe, it is also celebrated as a traditional spring holiday.

    Labour Day is celebrated in a big way in more than 80 countries and is also considered as a national holiday. In the USA and Canada, this day is celebrated every year on the first Monday of September.

    The International Workers’ Day is celebrated with enthusiasm to honor workers or labourers in the entire world. Whatever construction or construction is happening around us today, everything is due to the hard work of the workers and the people working together. In such a situation, they have to do their goods.

    International Labour Day Date and Time 2021

    International Labor Day / International Work Day / May Day 2021 will be celebrated on 1 May 2021.

    Reasons for Celebration of International Labour Day 2021

    The true reason for celebrating International Workers’ Day / Workers’ Day / May Day is to end the workers’ struggle and to promote the need for an eight-hour work day. In the past, laborers were made to work for 12-16 hours, which is not an ordinary thing, but in today’s day, the maximum work is only 8 hours.

    In the year 1860, due to the time being worked for many hours, many workers got hurt and sometimes even died. As the death toll increased, people started raising their voices. This day started on the strength of this.

    International Labour Day Poem 2021

    1. “who labourer”

    Many people ask who are laborers,

    The laborers are those who work and work day and night.

    2. He has an important contribution in the progress of the country,

    The work done by him makes the country great.

    3. That is why we should respect workers,

    Because they will be ridiculed by the entire country.

    4. He is irrigating the progress of the country with his blood and sweat,

    Pulling the wheel of progress with your hard work.

    5. They work hard because they too have family at home,

    He can give happiness to those he loves.

    6. So come and take the decision on this Labour Day,

    They will be encouraged by helping the workers.

    7. So that they have loyalty towards their work,

    And they get prestige through hard work and perseverance.

    International Worker’s Day 2021 Quotes in Hindi

    1. ” मैं मजदूर हूँ मजबूर नहीं

    यह कहने में मुझे शर्म नहीं

    अपने पसीने की खाता हूँ,

    मैं मिटटी को सोना बनाता हूँ

    मजदूर दिवस की शुभकामनायें!”

    2. ” हाथो में लाठी हैं,

    मजबूत उसकी कद-काठी हैं,

    हर बाधा वो कर देता हैं दूर

    दुनिया उसे कहती हैं मजदूर ,मजदूर दिवस 2021 की शुभकामनायें!”

    3. अमीरी में अक्सर अमीर अपनी सुकून को खोता हैं

    मजदूर खा के सूखी रोटी बड़े आराम से सोता हैं

    मजदूर दिवस की शुभकामनायें!”

    4. ”होने दो चरागाँ महलों में क्या हम को अगर दीवाली हैं,

    मजदूर हैं हम मजदूर हैं हम मजदूर की दुनिया काली है

    International Labour Day HD Images 2021

    international workers day 2021 Images
    international workers day 2021 Images
    international workers day 2021 Images
    international workers day 2021 Images

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