Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021 Odia: Images, Quotes, Date and Time in Odisha

Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021 Odia

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Official Name: Shramik Diwas (Labour Day)

Shramik Diwas is also known as labour Day and May Day.

    About Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021

    Labour Day 2021: Our article today is dedicated to all workers, who work hard day and night and take the country on the path of progress, every person who picks up a brick stone who works under someone in the office, who works for an organization He works for him, he is a man, he is such a self-respecting person, who keeps faith in hard work and dedication by being happy even in a few ways.

    Labour always lifts his head with grace, he never extends his hands to anyone, he works hard and lives a life of dignity, never should anyone be underestimated, Labour is needed to take every business forward , No work can go ahead without him.

    Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) Date and Time

    Date – 1 May 2021

    Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021 Quotes

    “Only those who enjoy their karma can do their work in the right way.”

    “A secret and wonderful recipe for ultimate happiness and happiness is to keep your mind always at work.”

    “Hard work is the only prayer whose nature gives fruit one day or the other.”

    Odia Shramik Diwas Images 2021

    Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021 Odia
    Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021 Odia
    Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021 Odia
    Shramik Diwas (Labour Day) 2021 Odia

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