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Ram Charit Manas Pdf

About Goswami Tulsi Das

Gokhami Tulsidas ji was born in the Vikrama Samvat 1586 in Rajapur district Ghanda. His father’s name was Atma Ram and mother’s name was Hulsi.

According to some opinion, this Parashara Gotri was the Duve Saryupari Brahmin of Ouja and Kanyakubja according to some other opinion.

Due to the death of his parents at a very young age, he started living and traveling with the congregation of sadhus. But some people say that he was born in Mool Nakshatra.

And according to astrology, the person born in Mool Nakshatra is a Pitruhanta, his face should not be seen by his father, because of this his father had abandoned him and the sages took him to the swamped area.

But no parent abandons their child like this, it seems expedient for them to die. Whatever it is, but he stayed in Sukarkshetra (Soron) for a long time under the shelter of his Gurudev Shri Narharidas ji.

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Ram Charit Manas Pdf Book in Hindi Free Download

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