Sangrand 2022 Dates Pdf: Sangrand 2022 List in Punjabi with Desi Month Names

Sangrand 2022 Dates

Sangrand 2022 Dates: According to the Hindu calendar, the first day of the month is called Sangrand (Sankranti). This month is known as the beginning of a new month according to the solar calendar. Sikhs are basically using Nanakshahi Calendar 2022 showing the festivals and holidays of a Sikh community. The date of Nanakshahi Sangrand 2022 is already fixed and it is starting from the first month of January.

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Sangrand 2022 Dates

There are about 12 desi months coming in the Sangrand 2022 Dates Punjabi calendar. Here in this post we have mentioned punjabi desi month name with sangrand 2022 dates list so that punjabi can easily get the information. The first month is Chet (ਚੇਤ) while the last month is Fagan – according to the indigenous calendar 2022. Lohri is very popular festival of Punjab, which is celebrated on 13th January this year in the month of Maghi.

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Sangrand 2022 Dates List

First Sangrand 2022 dates Tithi will come on 14th January 2022, Friday in Magh (ਮਾਘ) and second Sangrand Tithi will come on 12th February, 2022, Saturday in Phagun (ਫੱਗਣ) month. Sikhs are celebrating the Sangrand festival with special significance as it is associated with the martyrdom of 40 Sikh volunteers. They are praying for their salvation. Let’s see Sangrand 2022 dates list in punjabi and english with desi month names.

Sangrand 2022 Dates List in Punjabi

Below you can find all the Sangrand 2022 Dates List in Punjabi.

S. noSangrand MonthSangrand 2022 DatesDay of WeekDesi Month
1.Sangrand January 202214 Jan 2022FridayMaagh
2.Sangrand February 202212 Feb 2022SaturdayPhagan
3.Sangrand March 202214 Mar 2022MondayChet
4.Sangrand April 202214 Apr 2022ThursdayVaisakh
5.Sangrand May 202214 May 2022SaturdayJeth
6.Sangrand June 202215 Jun 2022WednesdayHarh
7.Sangrand July 202216 Jul 2022SaturdaySawan
8.Sangrand August 202217 Aug 2022WednesdayBhadon
8.Sangrand September 202217 Sep 2022SaturdayAssu
10.Sangrand October 202217 Oct 2022MondayKattak
11.Sangrand November 202216 Nov 2022WednesdayMaghar
12.Sangrand December 202216 Dec 2022FridayPoh

Puranmashi Dates 2022

The full moon night is called Poornamashi (or Puniya) in Punjabi and the Hindi word for it is Poornima. On this night the Moon appears in a complete circle and brighter than on other days.

Since it is associated with the rotation of the Moon around the Earth and each cycle takes a little more than 29 days, the day of Purana Mashi comes after about 29 days. The list of Pooranmashi dates in the year 2022 is given in the following table.

Sr. No.Puranmashi Dates 2022Day of Week
1.17 January 2022Monday
2.16 February 2022Wednesday
3.18 March 2022Friday
4.16 April 2022Saturday
5.16 May 2022Monday
6.14 June 2022Tuesday
7.13 July 2022Wednesday
8.12 August 2022Friday
9.10 September 2022Saturday
10.9 October 2022Sunday
11.8 November 2022Tuesday
12.8 December 2022Thursday

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Masya Dates 2022

Masya or Amavasya is the new moon day. The moon is not visible on the night of Masya. According to the Amanta calendar (Hindu calendar from new moon to new moon), the new month begins on the new moon. The list of month dates in the year 2022 is given in the following table.

Sr. No.Masya Dates 2022Day of Week
1.2 January 2022Sunday
2.1 February 2022Tuesday
3.2 March 2022Wednesday
4.1 April 2022Friday
5.30 April 2022Saturday
6.30 May 2022Monday
7.29 June 2022Wednesday
8.28 July 2022Thursday
9.27 August 2022Saturday
10.25 September 2022Sunday
11.25 October 2022Tuesday
12.23 November 2022Wednesday
13.23 December 2022Friday

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Panchmi Dates 2022

The fifth day from the month of Masya is called Panchami. This day is considered important in Hinduism and is considered a special day for certain rituals. The list of Panchami dates in the year 2022 is given in the following table.

S. no.Panchami Dates 2022Day of Week
1.7 JanuaryFriday
2.5 FebruarySaturday
3.7 MarchMonday
4.6 AprilWednesday
5.6 MayFriday
6.4 JuneSaturday
7.4 JulyMonday
8.2 AugustTuesday
9.1 SeptemberThursday
10.30 SeptemberFriday
11.29 OctoberSaturday
12.28 NovemberMonday
13.27 DecemberTuesday

Dashmi Dates 2022

The tenth day from Masya or Puranamashi is called Dashami (also called Dashami). Dashami, which is usually celebrated in temples and gurudwaras, is the tenth day from Masya.

So the Dashami date given below is according to the 2022 month. The list of Dashami dates in the year 2022 is given in the following table.

S. noDashmi Dates 2022Day of Week
1.12 January 2022Wednesday
2.11 February 2022Friday
3.13 March 2022Sunday
4.11 April 2022Monday
5.11 May 2022Wednesday
6.10 June 2022Friday
79 July 2022Saturday
8.7 August 2022Sunday
9.5 September 2022Monday
10.5 October 2022Wednesday
11.3 November 2022Thursday
12.2 December 2022Friday

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Desi Month Names in Punjabi 2022