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Abolakara Story in Odia

Abolkara is a fictional character used in prose, poetry and short stories from the Odia literature of the state of Odisha, India. Abulkara literally means disobedient person in Oriya language.

Abolkara is the servant of a learned man (santa, named as Guru), who takes Abolkara with him wherever he goes. During the day they travel, and after evening ‘Santa’ tells ‘Abola’ to stop with a saying, Pakka kamala pota chhata, suna Abolkara kahuchhi katha.

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Abolakara Story in Odia

In the South there was a kingdom called the Indus. There was a king named Birbahu. He has two queens. The old queen’s name is Premshila, and the younger queen’s name is Kanakamanjari. There the king is very affectionate. Can’t see the big queen. A few days later, by chance, a large queen’s son was born. Seeing that she would be the son of the eldest queen, the young queen thought to herself, “Her son, Helani, will get the kingdom. What should I do now?

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Abolakara Story in Odia
Story Abolakara Story
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Abolakara Kahani Odia Pdf Free Download


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