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Jamai Sasthi 2022 Date

About Jamai Sasthi 2022

Festival Name Jamai Sasthi
Date and Time5th June 2022

Jamai Sasthi 2022: Jamai Shashthi (Son-in-law’s Day) is a Bengali national holiday dedicated to sons-in-law (West Bengal, Bangladesh). Jamai Sasthi is a major festival of West Bengal. It falls on the sixth day of the Shukla Paksha (moon waxing phase) in the Bengali month Joishtho (Jaistho) (May-June). The date of Jamai Sasthi 2022 is 5th June. Goddess Shashthi is worshiped at many places on this day for the well being of children.

In a traditional Hindu calendar, ‘Jamai’ signifies son-in-law, while ‘Shasti’ denotes the sixth day in a fortnight. In Bengal it is customary to invite and honor sons-in-law on their wedding day. On some special occasions the mother-in-law cooks unique dishes like Hilsa fish.

Jamai is a Bengali holiday that is highly respected in Indian culture. The organization of the festival is an important component of Bengali culture. The word ‘Jamai’, which means ‘son-in-law’, denotes a close relationship.

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Story behind Jamai Sasthi

Mother-in-law welcomes her son-in-law and her daughter to her in-laws’ house once a year. On the arrival of the daughter and son-in-law, a small party broke out. After bathing in the morning, offer thali, rice, darbo and five types of fruits. A mark or “drop” of curd is applied to the son-in-law, and a yellow thread is tied around his wrist.

After the Sasthi puja, holy water is sprinkled, and the mother-in-law prays for the age of her daughter and son-in-law. After the puja, the mother-in-law showers her son-in-law with gifts and puts her hand on his head and prays for his long life. Her mother-in-law received many special gifts from her son-in-law. These rituals are still being seen today.

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Special dishes and rituals on Jamai Sasthi

Lunch is always one long event. The main entrance is surrounded by bowls of finely cooked vegetable curries and several fish curries. Pile high with rice or pollau. The path to the human heart is believed to pass through the stomach of a Bengali plate eater. This festival is centered around food. From hot rice to pan-masala, luchi, potato curry, fried brinjal, moong dal, onion pakoras, various fish flavors, prawn malaikari, rasgulla, sandesh, mango curd, sweet curd

The woman was taken from her house to the forest. He mourned, and Goddess Shashti appeared before him in the form of an elderly man, showing him mercy.

Goddess Shashti reminded the woman of her past sins while the woman expressed grief. He confessed his sins and asked for forgiveness. He was then instructed to conduct various social rituals to retrieve his children. Many women were impressed by this legend and started worshiping Goddess Shashti for their children. It gradually returned to ‘Jamai Sasthi’.

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Jamai Sasthi Wallpaper 2022

Jamai Sasthi 2022 Date
Jamai Sasthi 2022 Date

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