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Odia Yuktakshar Word : Today we will learn about the important topic Odia Yuktakshar word lists. If asked in the examinations, give examples of What is yuktakshar word. So most of the people get confused. So today we will know odia word yuktakshar and yuktakshar word lists in Odia.

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Words with compound letters : Do you know about odia varnamala yuktakshar word. If not, before that let us know what yuktakshar word, how many types of combined letters there are. After that the words with compound letters will be known with examples.

What is Yuktakshar Words in Odia?

Yuktakshar Words are formed by combining two different consonants. In this the first consonant is always vowelless and the second with vowel (with vowel). These alphabets are not considered as independent letters because composite letters are formed by the combination of two or more letters.

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Examples of Yuktakshar words – school, famous, power, pure, stone, mosquito, cup, etc.

Yuktakshar Word Odia Lists Part-1

Yuktakshar Word Odia Lists Part-2

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Yuktakshar Word Odia Lists Part-3

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Odia Yuktakshar Word Lists Part-4

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