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Panchatantra Story in Odia

The Panchatantra (M) or “Five Books” were written to teach mankind that basic knowledge and wisdom that will make life prosperous, fulfilling and happy. This, the book, accomplishes exceptionally well through fables in which animals are actors endowed with all human qualities. Thus the lion is strong but retarded; The jackal is cunning and the cat is hypocritical; The crow is intelligent and fast; The heron, the camel and the ox are fools. These animal-actors read the Vedas, do penance and also preach.

The Panchatantra stories, originally written in Sanskrit, which always ended with morals, are relevant even today. While some of its stories contain management lessons, there are others, which carry important messages on how one should live one’s life.

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Panchatantra is divided into 5 categories

  • enmity between friends.
  • Friends win.
  • crows and owls
  • profit loss
  • redemption of deeds

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About Panchatantra Story in Odia

Subject Name Panchatantra Story
AuthorPrabhakar Mishra
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Panchatantra Story in Odia Pdf Free Download