Rebati Story in Odia PDF Free Download

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Rebati Story in Odia PDF Free Download

Who is Rebati? Rebati Short Story in odia

This Rebati short story written by Fakir Mohan Senapati, published in 1898. It is considered to be the first short story published in Odia language.

Rebati is the story of a young girl whose desire for education is set against the backdrop of a conservative Odia society in a backward village, which is hit by a cholera epidemic. The story itself also opens up a third dimension when it deals with a very well-tended relationship between Rebati and a school teacher. By displaying a forbidden desire to learn, Rebati, the female protagonist of the story, appears to invite misfortune to herself and her community. Over time “Rebati” has become a symbol and her story has become a metaphor for female education and emancipation. However the story itself does not support or oppose these views. It is a story of helplessness before fate.

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About Rebati Story by Fakir Mohan Senapati

Rebati Story in Odia PDF Free Download
Story NameRebati
Written byFakir Mohan Senapati

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Rebati Story in Odia Pdf Download


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