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Sridharacharya Biography in Odia

Sridharacharya Biography in Odia: Sridharacharya was an Indian mathematician, Sanskrit pundit and philosopher, born in 870 AD 930 AD in the village Bhurishresti in South Radha (present-day Hooghly) in the 8th century AD . Little is known about Sridhar’s life. Some historians give Bengal as his place of birth while other historians believe that Sridhar was born in South India. His father’s name was Baladev Acharya and mother’s name was Acchoka Bai. His father was a Sanskrit pundit and philosopher.

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Sridharacharya Biography in Odia

BiographySridharacharya Indian mathematician
ProfessionMathematician, pandit and philosopher, Writer
Date of Birth870 AD
Birth PlaceSouth India
Father NameBaladev Acharya
Mother NameAcchoka Bai
Written Book Name Trishatika
Date of Death930 AD
Sridharacharya Biography in Odia

Sridharacharya Life History in Odia

Sridharacharya Biography in Odia: Sridhar wrote a book called ‘Trishatika’. A copy of this book was presented in the library of Karnataka State according to Rajaji Jyotivird and Math Tarangini, friends of Pt. Sudhakar Dwivedi. There are 300 verses in this book. One of its verses shows that this is the essence of his great treatise. This book is mainly related to Pati Mathematics. It highlights the category behavior, shadow behavior etc.

According to Sudhakar Dwivedi, the author of Nyayakandali was also Sridhar. Nayakandali was composed by Shaka Sawant in 913. Therefore, the time of Sridharacharya is also believed to be around Shaka Sawant 913, but this is not correct. Neither Dixit nor Dr. Singh supports this view. Some sentences related to Sridhar’s behavior are found in Mahaviracharya’s book ‘Genet Saar Sangrah’. It appears from this that Sridhar was preceded by Mahavira. In the opinion of Dixit, the time of Mahavir is Shaka Sawant 775 and in the opinion of Dr Singh, Sawant is 850.

The main contribution of Sridharacharya’s mathematics is integral, multiplier, bhagahara, square, square root, cube, cube root, fraction, sect, bhavajaati, pramanjati, part anubandha, triarashik, saptarishi, navrashik, bhand, pratibandh, mixture behavior, grand behavior formula, golden Mathematica is to represent and represent the projection, sankarya-sale formula, category behavior, field behavior, swat behavior, chitiya behavior, black behavior, zodiac behavior, shadow behavior, math. Along with this, he has also given the quadrant of the circle, area, circumference and diameter.

Compared to all other Indian mathematicians, the explanation of zero presented by Sridharacharya is the clearest. He has written-

If zero is added to a number, the sum is equal to that number; If zero is subtracted from a number, the result is equal to that number; If zero is multiplied by any-number then the (product will zero). They haven’t said anything about what happens when a number is divided by zero.

To divide a number by a fraction, he has said that the number should be multiplied by the reciprocal of that fraction. He wrote about the practical uses of algebra and separated algebra from arithmetic.

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Sridharacharya Birth and Education in Odia

Sridharacharya Biography in Odia: According to historians, the life span of Sridharacharya is considered to be from 870 AD to 930 AD. Some scholars believe that he was born in Bengal, while others believe that he was born in South India. His father’s name was Baldevacharya and mother’s name was Achchoka. His father was a great scholar of Kannada and Sanskrit literature. He was educated in literature, Sanskrit and Kannada from his father and later became famous as a great mathematician and philosopher.

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Sridharacharya Role in Mathematics

Sridharacharya Biography in Odia: Sridharacharya has made many important inventions in mathematics. He gave important information about zero and invented the formula to solve the quadratic equation. This rule of theirs is still famous as ‘Sridharacharya Formula’ and ‘Hindu rule’.

(Gol Vyasa Ghan Ardhaam Swa Ashtadash Bhaag Sanyutham Ganitam)

i.e. V = d3/2 + (d3/2) /18 = 19 d3/36

Comparing this with the volume d3 / 6 of the sphere, it is found that he has taken 19/6 in place of pi.

Sridhar ji had written many practical applications of Mathematics i.e. ALGEBRA which is taught to children even today.

He differentiated Arithmetic from Algebra and explained the difference between the two. How do these two shreenians work in different ways?

He also wrote slokas to solve the algebra

Chaturahatvarga Samai Rupai: Pakshadvayam Gunayet.

Avyaktvargaruyuktou Pakshau Tato Moolam.

( चतुराहतवर्गसमै रुपैः पक्षद्वयं गुणयेत.

अव्यक्तवर्गरुयैर्युक्तौ पक्षौ ततो मूलम्‌. )

The world’s first mathematician and India’s greatest scholar Aryabhata discovered zero. He had calculated the value up to ten digits of the decimal. Sridhar ji took this work forward and he calculated the value up to 18 digits from the decimal point.

Apart from this, he composed many other compositions:

  • trishatika
  • patigant abstract
  • patigant
  • new peace
  • algebra
  • Jupiter


He composed one of his sutras which is called quadratic sutra or Sridharacharya sutra.

This formula is used to solve quadratic equations and has been used since time immemorial. This formula is as follows

ax^2+bx+c = 0

Sridharacharya Biography in Odia: Sridhar ji has given such equations and formulas not only to Indian educational institutions but also to foreign educational institutions, which are still taught in schools and students in universities do research on them and try to understand those equations more closely. And we constantly try that from the equations made by them, can we discover any big secret?

Jar App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Today very few people know the name of Shridhar ji, only those people are familiar with him who study mathematics and do research on it. A scholar who defined zero, who differentiated arithmetic and algebra. It is very important for us to know about such a great scholar. Because if we do not know about scholars like these, then our coming generation will forget these scholars and will not be able to know about our culture and literature in a better way.

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FAQs of Sridharacharya

What is the famous name of the Sridharacharya formula?

The Sridharacharya method is commonly known as the quadratic formula. The quadratic formula is ax^2+bx+c = 0 where a, b, c are known numbers, where a 0 and x are unknown.

What are the books written by Sridharacharya?

Some of the books written by Shri Dharacharya are Beejganita, Brihatpati, Navsati, Panggita, Trisatika. “Sridharacharya Biography in Odia”

Who was Shree Dharacharya?

Sridharacharya was an Indian mathematician, Sanskrit pundit and philosopher, born in 870 AD 930 AD in the village of Bhurishrasti (Bhurisisti or Bhurshut) in South Radha (present-day Hooghly) in the 8th century AD. “Sridharacharya Biography in Odia”

What is Sri Dharacharya known for?

Sri Dharacharya was a mathematician who separated algebra from arithmetic. He found a way to solve-quadratic-equations. “Sridharacharya Biography in Odia”