Kanya Sankranti 2022 Dates, Pujavidhi, Images, Rituals

Kanya Sankranti date, Kanya Sankranti Rituals, Kanya Sankranti festivals, Kanya Sankranti images

According to the Hindu calendar, Sankranti is the day when the Sun moves from one zodiac to the next. Kanya Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun from Simha rashi (Leo Zodiac sign) to Kanya rashi. According to the Tamil calendar, it is the month of Purattasi. Kanni masam falls on this day in Kerala, according to the calendar. All twelve Sankrantis that occur each year are beneficial for any type of donation and activity for those in need.

Many types of daan, shradh puja for the ancestors, and penance rituals are performed on Kanya Sankranti. Another special ritual of this day is bathing in sacred water bodies to cleanse one’s soul and body of all sins. It is the day when Vishwakarma puja celebrations take place in Bengal and Orissa’s industrial towns. It is the birthday of Lord Vishwakarma, who is revered as a great engineer. He is regarded as God’s creator. He provides his followers with the ability to work with excellence and high quality.

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Kanya Sankranti Rituals

Kanya Sankranti date, Kanya Sankranti Rituals, Kanya Sankranti festivals, Kanya Sankranti images
  • Bathe early in the morning, as do all other puja day devotees, and prepare for the puja ceremony.
  • Lord Vishwakarma is worshipped, and his image or idol, as well as the tools used in business, are cleaned.
  • This day is primarily observed in all industries, schools, shops, and colleges. Small and large artisans make it a point to hold Vishwakarma puja in their workshop in order to make better progress in the coming year.
  • On this day, machines are worshipped and given flower garlands. On this day, devotees pray for the smooth operation of their machines, and no work is done.
  • Traditional food is prepared to be offered to the Lord, and prasad is distributed to everyone following the puja. It consists of fruits, sweets, and cooked items such as khichdi and kheer.

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Kanya Sankranti Dates 2019 to 2029

2019Tuesday, 17th of September
2020Wednesday, 16th of September
2021Friday, 17th of September
2022Saturday, 17th of September
2023Sunday, 17th of September
2024Monday, 16th of September
2025Wednesday, 17th of September
2026Thursday, 17th of September
2027Friday, 17th of September
2028Saturday, 16th of September
2029Monday, 17th of September

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