Kyrie Forces Celtics’ Defense to Bend, but Not Break
Boston’s first-round series against Brooklyn, the Celtics were on the verge of kicking the game away.
as Kyrie Irving thrived in a hostile environment. But the Celtics got a stop when it mattered most.
Brooklyn had the ball and was looking for the dagger
Boston rebounded. Ime Udoka declined to call a timeout. “I tell the guys all the time,” said Udoka
Kyrie Irving was demolishing the Celtics, who fell apart in uncharacteristic ways on both ends of the floor
He made a couple shots, and got going and was comfortable,” Smart said
They did a good job of forcing me away and then helping in the paint,” Durant said
He’s obviously a great player, but just really trying to stay solid,” Horford said
When you have a guy like that, it’s not an individual matchup; it’s the team