Wake County Public School Calendar 2022-23-24 Important Dates

In the united states, school students are searching on google about wake county school calendar 2022-23 and 2023-24. For example, about WCPSS calendar 2022-23, wake county public school calendar term dates, holidays, fall breaks, thanksgiving Holidays, and half days. That’s why we have added details in this post.

About WCPSS School

WCPSS is an award-winning school and more than 16,000 students are studying in this school. This school has more than 193 school branches.

Wake County Public School Holiday 2022-23

January 2, 16Holiday
February 20Teacher Work Day
March 13, 14Teacher Work Day
March (15 – 21)Track Out Day
March 22, 23, 24Vacation Day
April 6Early Release Day
April 7Holiday
April 21Teacher Work Day
May 9Early Release Day
May 26. 30, 31Teacher Work Day
May 29Holiday
July (14-21)Teacher Work Day
July 24First Day of School
September 4Holiday
September 25, 26Teacher Work Day
September 27, 28, 29Track Out
October (2 -6)Track Out
October 9Teacher Work Day
November 7Teacher Work Day
November 10, 23, 24Holiday
November 22Vacation
December 18, 19, 20Track Out
December 21, 22, 28, 29Vacation
December 25, 26, 27Holiday

Wake County Public School Holiday 2023-24

January 1,15Holiday
January 2Teacher Work Day
February 19Teacher Work Day
March 11, 12Teacher Work Day
March 13, 14, 15Track Out
March (18-22)Vacation Day
March 29Holiday
March 23Last Day of Class
March 24, 28, 29Teacher Work Day
May 27Holiday

Wake County Public School Social Media Account

  • Facebook ID: @WCPSS
  • Youtube ID: @wakecountyschools
  • Twitter ID: @WCPSS
  • Instagram ID: @WCPSSofficial
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